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In these albums you will find a wide variety of rail photos dating back to the mid 70's. Most are from slides, some from prints, and newer material from digital. Many of these photos will be from Long Island and the New York area, I grew up in Queens, living there til 1988. I had some great opportunities to see the Long Island and their freight operations in the mid 1980's when they were using Alco C420's in freight service. There's LOTS of LIRR!! That was not my entire focus, and I also spent time on many lines within a 300 mile radius of New York.

In the mid 1980's as stack trains started running, I devoted a lot of attention to Conrail and NYSW trains in the southern tier of NY. I moved to Binghamton in July 1988, living there til 2006. During that period I was able to cover the CR Southern Tier Line extensively, as well as the D&H and NYSW. I arrived in Binghamton just as NYSW was starting its directed service of the D&H. It was a really interesting time to be watching trains in that region. There, I met JJ Young Jr, and fellow contributor Sam Botts. From November of 1995 to January of 2001, I was a driver for JB Hunt Transport, which expanded my horizons, as well as set up my present situation.

I moved to northwest Arkansas in November 2006, with my new wife and my two sons, taking a job as a fleet manager for JB Hunt in Lowell Ark. We lived in Rogers Ark for six months til we bought a house in Siloam Springs on the KCS. Since then, I have covered the A&M, but mostly KCS between Joplin MO and Stilwell OK extensively, and have also broadened my range to include Kansas City, Nebraska, Texas and the southeast among other places. As I have time, I am getting more in depth coverage of my new region, which will turn up in these albums.

I have a large slide collection, which I am picking through to scan and post. I shot slides from the early 80's up til they stopped processing Kodachrome in 2010. Much of this collection dates to the 1980's and 1990's, and I am concentrating on getting those photos posted first-seems everyone loves the old stuff!! Recent pictures will also be posted as I have time. Hope you enjoy what is mostly a trip down memory lane.

You may browse my collection of pictures via the menu located on the left hand side of the page.  I hope you enjoy the collection and thanks for stopping by!

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Union Pacific on the MKT
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Black and White
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KCS Holiday Express 2017
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A&M local working
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The Chase Is On, Southern Tier edition
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Stupid Is As Stupid Does
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A&M excursions
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Arkansas River Bridge going down
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Chasing 41T and its counterpart, 40T
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Mills job
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Empty tracks
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Out and back
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The chase is on
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KCS Holiday Express 2009
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Tourist Roads and Museums
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KCS 2008 Holiday Express
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KCS Heavener Sub in Arkansas
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KCS Heavener Sub in Missouri
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KCS Siloam Springs
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Durango & Silverton/Cumbres & Toltec Scenic
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KCS everywhere else
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Dad's shots from Sunnyside
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Dad at the Worlds Fair
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Dad in transit
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Dad in Penn Station
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Dad in Jamaica
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Dad in Europe
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Dad's photos-museums and tourist lines
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Conrail Ithaca Branch and LV in northern PA
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Short lines, regionals, and industrial units.
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Stuffed and mounted
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Stations and structures
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Empty tracks
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Track and signals
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Norfolk Southern
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KCS Heavener Sub in Arkansas
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Union Pacific
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Rapid Transit
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KCS Siloam Springs
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KCS Heavener Sub in Oklahoma
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Freight cars and MOW equipment
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Stations and structures, NY and NJ
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The chase is on
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Canadian Pacific-D&H
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NYSW Northern Division
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CP East Binghamton
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Norfolk Southern in the Southern Tier
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The Chase Is On, Southern Tier edition
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CP on the Southern Tier
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Mills job
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Chasing 41T and its counterpart, 40T
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Arkansas & Missouri
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Diane's train shots
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KCS everywhere else
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CP Binghamton south
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Black and White
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